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The Pink City – Jaipur – Hawa Mahal

After having our lunch we went to see the legendry Hawa Mahal also known as the ‘palace of winds’. I had seen the picture of this place on various travel guides but this place was much more impressive in reality. Initially we stood across the road taking its pictures with so much traffic whizzing by. The market was buzzing with routine activities and there amidst this entire hum drum was standing this palace with five storied exterior a fascinating landmark of Rajasthan. This palace was built with the purpose to provide a place from where the ladies of the royal family could see the royal processions going down the market area through the small windows decorated with intricate latticework. In all there are 953 small windows. Our guide told us that this palace was designed in the form of Lord Krishna’s crown. Come to think of it the exterior does looks like a crown. The palace is built of red and pink sandstone. Its architecture is good and apart from crown it also looked like a beehive.

There is a big courtyard with a fountain in the middle just as you enter the palace. It was probably a place where the royal people used to celebrate the festivals. We had to climb through a narrow passage to reach the upper floors. There were no stairs, just a ramp to reach there. The view from the top was fantastic. The royal ladies must have had a great time watching from there. There was some nice stain glass window work inside the palace as well.

We had a good time here. Again the shopkeepers were kind of trying to lure us to buy things but we were now smart enough to evade them. We rushed back to the hotel to relax and pack our things as we were to leave for Agra the day after.

I am so glad that I came to this part of India. There are so many memories for me to visit whenever I am low or alone. Who so ever is reading this blog must make a genuine attempt to have a tour of Rajasthan.

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Memories from my Last Summer Trip

Travelling is my passion, something I have been indulging in since very young age.  This year I got the chance to travel into the remote hilly area of Himachal Pradesh in India. While passing through a small township I took a halt to enjoy a hot cup of tea. Believe me a well-made cup of tea is nothing less than a luxury in small remote areas. While the old man at the little wooden shop with a thatched roof was busy making the tea I just strolled down to the group of young lads sitting there. To me they were another group of semi-urban young boys who make beeline to the nearby bigger cities for livelihood. They were just having fun with each other but when I heard them using technical terms all my antennas were at alert. One of the boys was talking about the Music pillows! I who credit me of being worldly wise and abreast with knowledge too was taken back. That boy was telling his mates that he is working for some company in the city and there while surfing the net he happened to see and read about the Music Pillows, a concept that made everyone gape including me. Though it is against my grain but I couldn’t keep myself from enquiring what he was talking about. He then told me about this company Homescapes who have come up with an amazing music pillow that lulls you to sleep in the same way our mothers and grandmothers used to do long time back. The music pillows they offer are graded for their firmness and are completely washable. The high grade speakers provide high quality sound from the chosen music source and are removable. The microfiber filling is anti-dust mite and what I liked the most was that sound level could be easily adjusted. Now I definitely have another reason to travel. I will not be lonely anymore. The Homescapes music pillow will be my partner!