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City Of Lakes – Udaipur

After having had a fantastic time in the ’blue city’ as Jodhpur is often called, we decided to reach Udaipur on road. Reason being very simple, we wanted to visit Ranakpur, a place known for its spectacular Jain temples. Ranakpur is situated between Jodhpur and Udaipur. Before visiting the famous Jain temple we had a break at Ranakpur hill resort. It is located in a very picturesque place surrounded by Aravali hills range. One could see the beautiful view of the mountains and its rugged rock strewn countryside. After good stretching and relaxation we went to see the renowned Jain temple.

My goodness! I was amazed to see that grand temple with its distinctive domes rising majestically from the slope of a hill. We were told that over 1444 carved marble pillars supported the temple, though to me counting the pillars seemed a task next to impossible. There were so many statues and there was one beautiful carving made out of a single marble rock with 108 heads of snakes and numerous tails. The temple is designed with four faces. We were all glad to visit that place. And now it was time to continue our journey to Udaipur also known as the ‘City of the Lakes’.

I had read that Udaipur is a favourite marriage destination for many Indian and Foreign nationals. Many celebrities, including film stars, business families chose Udaipur to hold marriage ceremonies and parties. So apart from visiting the tourist attractions I had to find an answer to this question as well.

It was after sunset when we finally reached Udaipur. After having checked in into our hotel Shiv Niwas Palace which had all the luxuries one can think of, we had a good wash, had a lavish dinner and retired for the night. I was mesmerized by the grandeur of the hotel. It was like sleeping in a palace itself and this was the last waking thought I had before the sleep took reins of me!