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Be Careful with Your Thoughts

I hundred percent endorse this statement that we become what we think. A negative attitude leads us nowhere and under the same circumstances if you go ahead with a positive attitude you come out as a winner.

One of my acquaintance was taken ill few months back. She was to be operated for a simple hernia but during the course of the operation doctors found that she had strangulated hernia which meant that many parts of her intestine were bad and needed to be operated. The operation which was supposed to finish in half an hour continued for nine hours. when she was wheeled out of the operation theater she was altogether a different person. I could not recognize her and i was shocked to see her condition. Doctors put her on DI list i.e. dangerously ill list.

Positive thoughts

She was in the ICU and selected few were allowed to meet her. When she gained consciousness and realized her physical situation, she smiled despite the pain she was going through. When doctor approached her and asked how she was feeling, what she said still rings in my ears. She said” Don’t worry doctor, i shall overcome this and very soon will get well”. Doctor was very pleased so see her this attitude. He said you have done your part in winning this battle now its for us to see that we send you home hale and hearty.

After eleven days of staying in the ICU she was removed from the dangerously ill list and it took her nearly two months to be shifted in the normal ward. I visited her in the hospital and was very glad to see her gaining strength. She was keen to leave the hospital and wanted to get back home now. She asked me to draw away the curtains from the window so that she could have a look at the blue sky and the birds flying high. When i was about to leave her doctor also came and looking at her he said that she is alive today only because of her will. She never for a single day thought that she might not survive this surgery. He said that in his long career as a doctor he has not seen many patients with this strong determination to live.

Now she is back home and is living her life well with her children and husband. Needless to say , i too have  learned a very important lesson from her.

Cheers! Stay happy!

Weight Issue – No Issue!

Few days back, i happen to bump into my childhood friend Augusta. We were neighbors once. Long back my parents shifted to this new locality and i had sort of lost touch with this friend. I remembered her as a smart , slim and carefree  girl which she was not any longer. Had she not called me by my name, i would have just passed by her as another stranger. After initial greetings, i asked her to do the catching up over a cup of coffee. Just around the corner we found one small coffee shop and after settling down on the chairs, first thing i asked her was, how and why had she put on so much weight?! Normally i would have restrained myself of asking such personal question, but somehow we can take liberty with the childhood friends…yeah?!

She was pretty amused by my query…” well what do you think could be the reason” asked she.



I said ” maybe you were taken ill…some hormonal problem..what else??”

” Actually Clarissa, i eat a lot and please don’t ask me why…i just love eating. Whenever, i feel agitated or uneasy over something i rush to the kitchen and eat and that gives me a sense of peace.”

Well! i had read so much about this kind of syndrome and i knew that this was a kind of problem number of people suffered from. I wanted to help my friend and asked her to meet me again next week at the same place. Most of the times people do not accept their flaws and wrong lifestyles until someone points them out for them. I told my friend that what she was suffering from was a kind of disease and i plan to help her.  I managed to take out some time to visit a nutritionist and also went to few libraries and collected some write ups on eating disorders and how to get out of them.

During our next meeting we lounged comfortably on pouffe seats in one corner of the coffee shop and there i told her how she can get rid of her habit by following certain diet and exercise plans which included little meditation as well. Augusta was very cooperative throughout and appeared quite serious to take the challenge. I gave her all the collected literature and the diet chart and we made a pact of meeting once a month for one year and see how she is progressing in loosing the extra pounds. She was very happy by my concern over her health and i sort of had a feeling that she will definitely make a serious effort to get back to her original self.

I strongly believe that we become what we want to become. Loosing weight is not a big deal what matters is  strong determination and will!