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Excitement of London Olympic Games 2012

Being a British citizen I can experience the excitement of local people for London Olympics. I am here in India but very excited about the London Olympics. London 2012 – as per the official logo – Wow! What a feeling man!  It is a matter of great honour that our nation is hosting this mega sports event after a pretty long time, though let me remind you this is the third time the UK is hosting the Olympics. Previously they were held in 1908 and 1948. The countdown has begun and everybody is excited and waiting.

When I was in the UK I could feel that the country was abuzz with excitement and preparations. The work was under way and the government was in process of making all necessary efforts required to provide a great experience to all the participants and the spectators to make it a grand success.

Opening ceremony is something I love to be a part of as it is loaded with huge excitement.  World becomes one big family when they watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. A lot of effort goes in making this opening event a grand occasion. It’s a joint effort of the performers, technicians, stage decorators and so many people who are working behind the curtains. Thousands of people are involved in it. Financially also it costs quite a lot. But every effort is worth it as people seek so much pleasure and the excitement runs through the veins. And the moment we see the contingent of our country march in front of the cheering crowd it just fills us with so much pride.  After the big show it is the time for the participants to show their strength and stamina.

Being here in India I am going to share excitement of Indian people for London 2012 Olympics. The Olympic fever has gripped India. Talking about the newspapers here, every day I am getting special edition in which there is a section about the preparation of Olympics 2012. Also very much is getting published about the athletes on whom India is pinning for the Gold Medal. Moreover Indian newspapers views over the preparation of London Olympics are good. I have got positive views that London 2012 Olympics will be a successful sports event. As per the poll of Indian news channel the UK is best nation to host this event. I too agreeing with this and feel happy that Indian people too wants London Olympics to be a memorable event for all. Hope this Olympic will bring laurels to India as per their expectations.

Hope to see you all soon……..