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Final Day of My Trip to Goa

In Continuation of the journey day before; we were quite tired after having great fun time at Baga, Candolim and Calangute beaches and then we decided to get back to the hotel in order to take little rest for a while. The place where we were staying was just 10 minutes away from Calangute beach. After having a good rest for few hours we were once again ready to carry on with our exploits. It was nearly sunset time. Nature was at its peak! We have heard a lot about the night life in Goa, so we decided to enjoy the nightlife of Goa. We asked the hotel staff and they recommended some clubs in the area. We decided to go to Tito’s club which was nearest and seemed better option than others.

Titos GoaWe asked few taxi drivers and easily found the place as it was a popular destination. It was one of the most happening places in Goa. The first scene we saw in the club; a lot of roar, clapping, dance, songs and fun all around. Everyone was busy dancing to the tune and some were struggling to match their feet to the rhythm; quite a sight, people were having thorough fun and were completely unaware of their surroundings.  Our group also became the part of crowd. There was variety of music playing out there, we stayed over there till 2 am, it was really an amazing experience as none of us had ever joined such a cross cultural gathering. Our decision to spend the night at Tito was as per the reviews of local people and seriously; we weren’t disappointed!

After having an awesome nightlife enjoyment at Tito we returned to our room and slept.

Last Day: No journey is complete until you take home some souvenirs to make your trip memorable and also it was our last day in Goa. There was a vast vibrant market having lots of stalls that offer everything from hand crafted designer clothes, jewellery, musical instrument, local spices or herbs etc. One thing that attracted me much in Goa was the handcrafted modern designer furniture, carved furniture. I have got few sea shell handicraft items which I have taken as souvenir. The Indian handmade wooden furniture was very gorgeous. There were also some restaurants in the market area offering traditional Goan cuisine, there were loads of sea food varieties. We have decided to give a new experience to our taste buds so we have ordered a traditional Goan fish curry with rice, which is actually one of the most popular delicacy of the area. Food was really good as like that of place. It was a great afternoon altogether.Wooden Side cabinet

Panaji Goa State Museum: After shopping, we visited Panaji Goa State Museum. This art gallery section includes Hindu and Jain sculptures, wooden handmade objects, bronze artwork from all over India, manuscripts and much more, if you like history, you will appreciate this art gallery.Goan Fish Curry

I cannot describe all the things with few words but it was truly a remarkable experience. Hope you get a chance to visit Goa. I’ll be checking out for my next travel  destination in India.