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Trip of Madness- Summer of 2012

To save ourselves from the scorching heat of the North, me and my friends planned a trip to Manali which they say is “heaven on earth”. I had heard about that place from my friends and was quiet frenzied about the whole plan as I have never been to any place beyond my own state.

Everything was planned up and finally the day came when we were to leave. I rushed to the bus stand and saw my friends standing there, waiting for me. We reached the ticket counter and there was a throng of people fighting to get the tickets, somehow we got the tickets and sat at our respective seats, chit chat for a while and we all slept. I was awake by the cold breeze blowing outside and was amazed to find myself surrounded by the mountains. The roar of the river flowing in the valley was an icing on the cake. Perfect!

Day 1: Finally we reached Manali, I was completely mesmerized by the epic beauty of the nature. It was raining and was damn cold, and we were forced to take out our jackets. We looked for a room but didn’t find one as all the hotels were jam packed. Finally we got a room in a cottage and we got fresh and went out to have food. While having food, we couldn’t take our eyes off the majestic view of the glaciers which were thoroughly covered with snow. It was a grand view – a treat to the eyes! We took some pictures of it and got to know from the staff that there is some party down the valley and we were excited to go there. We saw people going to the party and we followed them. I was busy clicking pictures of the river flowing on my left and my friends too were enjoying the beauty of the nature. We reached the party place, and saw there were so many people from Israel, we joined them and it was a great fun.

Day 2: It was Sunday Morning and this wasn’t the same old morning when my mom use to yell and I was forced to get up. This morning was somewhat different. From the cozy cocoon of sleep when I opened my eyes and looked outside the window i saw the clouds too near to touch and the beauty was as its best. Suddenly I heard a voice “dude get up we are getting late its already 11” this Sunday it was my friend’s yell I responded to and I got up hurriedly and got ready. We carried a guitar along with us and sat by the river side and played the guitar and sang songs. It was all fun. The day passed like this and the next day we were to leave back for home. I was feeling bad but there was no other option, we packed our bags and went off to sleep.

Day 3: The day for us to leave for home came and we boarded the bus. On our way back we were all were recollecting the memories by checking out our pictures and all of us decided to visit Manali again the next summer.