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Oasis in the Vast Desert – Jodhpur Day-2

Once the lunch was over our guide asked us “how about some zips around the walls of the fort and some extra fun?” When asked what he was talking about, he told us that there is a zip line tour ‘Flying Fox Jodhpur’ inside the property of Mehrangarh fort. The tour comprises of 6 separate ziplines which fly you around the fort providing extraordinary and unique views. Along with the expert guides one can zip over battlements, lakes and valleys.

It was a most amazing, spectacular and thrilling experience for us. It was windy and I could feel myself soaring over the ‘blue city’. All the zips were fantastic but the last zip was the longest and the best. The zip line is not exactly in the fort premises but is outside the fort walls and the fort gives an excellent backdrop to the zipping experience. The thrill of zipping over water bodies was great. We had so much fun, something I shall always remember.

On our way back we had a stop in Jaswant Thada, the final resting place of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Next to a lake in a picturesque location this white marble memorial is built out of intricately carved sheets of marble. The lake was full of birds and with the setting sun we got some excellent pictures. Though our stop in this place was brief, but I must say that the serenity and calmness of the place had a peaceful effect on me.

En route to the hotel we went to Clock Tower. It’s in the old city of Jodhpur with a big shopping area. The place was swarming with vendors and buyers. While walking down the street and checking the local stuff the strap of my sandel  broke. It was difficult to walk with a broken strap and I asked the first likely looking vendor, if he could fix it. He nodded in several affirmatives and asked me to follow him little bit down the street where he handed over my sandal to another man, who within few minutes took out a new strap from his bag and fixed it. Also gave a good brushing to my sandals and here they were as good as new. In twenty five rupees everything was done. Back home I could not imagine such quick service.

After buying few gifts for friends and families and having a good time roaming we made our way back to the hotel.