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My Goa Trip Memories Continued……

And here starts my story of the first day after my arrival to Goa via Bombay. After the guide reached our lodgings in the morning, we all decided to explore the beaches of Goa first. Last night we had done some research work on internet about the beaches of Goa, the best we liked was Baga beach. We asked the guide if it would be fine with him if we start with Baga beach. The other well-known beaches like Candolim and Calangute we’re not much far from the location of our abode and hence were not in our priority list.

Day 1 at Baga Beach: The Baga beach was exactly how I had imagined it to be. My goodness! Beautiful shores! There were so many people around. So many people were lazing on the sunbeds taking sunbath. Some were running and playing in the water; some were drinking and dancing on the music and lot more activities were going on. Even little Kids had no fear of the sea. I too was getting excited after seeing all this but was little scared of going into the sea. Huge waves were coming towards the beach. Water was creating large gushing sound. My friends were very thrilled and were running into the deep water.  Scared as I was, I decided to stay away from the sea.  And sitting there on the shore I was screaming on top of my voice, “Don’t go too far, you might drown, and no one will notice you in such a big crowd” But all in vain, no one paid any heed to me and I was alone with my fears!!

After a while, I did unwind and with little courage I could muster, I slipped out of my loafers and waded into the water. Awesome! That was my first reaction. It was so relaxing. The water felt great. This was just a beginning; we spent almost three hours there. After that we went to Candolim and Calangute beach. The view was identical, so we didn’t stay there for long.

We were not in a mood to come back from there but then we were to go to other places and discover the beauty of Goa, so we reluctantly decided to get back. We had great fun! Before coming to Goa, I took a digital camera and it was very handy as I clicked lots of photographs as the memories of this trip. Some of the beautiful photographs I am publishing in this blog as well.

I have just started telling my story and I realise that this post has become too long. More interesting stuff later…

Uplift your Mood with Beach Holidays in Goa

My journey is going very well and I am thrilled to share the awesome experience of my journey through this blog. I am now with my friends Rebecca, Roger, Jimmy and Tim. We all are enjoying our trip to India. We were a little skeptical about our travel to India as the reviews we got from people around were both positive and negative. But finally I decided to go because I wanted to experience the diversities over there. We have read about India through internet, news and heard a little bit about it from the old people of the UK who once stayed there and told us the stories about India.

I have been traveling to India since last five years as there are so many things yet to be discovered. I have made so many friends during my several trips to India. This time I got a chance to meet a fellow citizen named Daisy, she is paying regular visits to India because of work. It feels very nice to meet fellow citizens across the world. She advised us about how to make the trip exciting and unforgettable, also she told us about the places she has visited in India. In the list the first place was Goa. She just described about it and we were so much excited to reach there as I have already travelled many places in northern India but this will be the first chance to visit western coasts of India. We requested Daisy to come with us, but due to her busy schedule she had not much time to accompany us.

Travel: We were in Mumbai and Goa is quite close to that; we decided to take a train as I have heard that this route is great for enchanting experience. This was really true it was one of the best train journeys in India full of natural beauty. The moment we set our foot in Goa all of us were amazed with its natural beauty and wide coast line. This view was beyond our imagination. It was sunset time and the beauty of the beaches of Goa was on its peak. Despite the tiredness we had after the journey the beautiful scenery was enough for us to carry on with our little adventures. So, we decided to visit the nearest beach in order to have some fun and also to have some food. We met some local chaps who proved very helpful in planning our trip strategy for the coming days.

First of all we decided to visit the historical Churches there, followed by the museums. We were keen to know about the history of that place, something not possible without a guide, so hiring an Indian guide was the most suitable option. We hired a guide and with him scheduled the plan for the next day as we were really tired and it was growing dark as well. We just called it a day.

To be continued…..