Be Careful with Your Thoughts

I hundred percent endorse this statement that we become what we think. A negative attitude leads us nowhere and under the same circumstances if you go ahead with a positive attitude you come out as a winner.

One of my acquaintance was taken ill few months back. She was to be operated for a simple hernia but during the course of the operation doctors found that she had strangulated hernia which meant that many parts of her intestine were bad and needed to be operated. The operation which was supposed to finish in half an hour continued for nine hours. when she was wheeled out of the operation theater she was altogether a different person. I could not recognize her and i was shocked to see her condition. Doctors put her on DI list i.e. dangerously ill list.

Positive thoughts

She was in the ICU and selected few were allowed to meet her. When she gained consciousness and realized her physical situation, she smiled despite the pain she was going through. When doctor approached her and asked how she was feeling, what she said still rings in my ears. She said” Don’t worry doctor, i shall overcome this and very soon will get well”. Doctor was very pleased so see her this attitude. He said you have done your part in winning this battle now its for us to see that we send you home hale and hearty.

After eleven days of staying in the ICU she was removed from the dangerously ill list and it took her nearly two months to be shifted in the normal ward. I visited her in the hospital and was very glad to see her gaining strength. She was keen to leave the hospital and wanted to get back home now. She asked me to draw away the curtains from the window so that she could have a look at the blue sky and the birds flying high. When i was about to leave her doctor also came and looking at her he said that she is alive today only because of her will. She never for a single day thought that she might not survive this surgery. He said that in his long career as a doctor he has not seen many patients with this strong determination to live.

Now she is back home and is living her life well with her children and husband. Needless to say , i too have  learned a very important lesson from her.

Cheers! Stay happy!

My Latest Adventures – Srinagar – Part 3

The morning next day was bright and shine, contrary to our expectations as the weather reports earlier had suggested it to be cloudy conditions in Srinagar. Our schedule for the was supposed to cover the local tourist spots of the city which were- Pari Mahal, the Mughal Gardens and the very famous Dal lake. We left the hotel early morning for our very first destination which was “Chashme Shahi”. To our escort was a local taxi which was a Travera. The taxi driver was a local Kashmiri which was quite evident from the unique accent he had while talking. He suggested us to first visit Pari Mahal which was a few kilometers ahead of the Chashme Shahi gardens.

Pari Mahal has was something less of a palace (mahal) and more of a step garden. This terraced garden was situated above a hillock from where the complete view of the Dal lake could be seen. The Mahal had six terraces each having  beautiful and well maintained gardens. After enjoying the beautiful view of half of the valley from Pari Mahal we came down from the hill to visit the Chashme Shahi , which is known for a natural water spring coming out of it.  The naturally effluent water was really cold. The tourists stood in queues to get a photo clicked with the natural source of water.

Next up were the Mughal Gardens, first one was the Nishat Garden situated right in front of the Dal lake.  An interesting fact about the garden was its architecture. It had 12 terraces which represented the 12 Zodiac Signs. There were channels of water running throughout the stretch of the garden.  It was adorned by various trees like that of Chinar, Chestnut, Wlanut etc. The Garden was an assortment of garden, lake and mountains which gave it the look of Paradise. 


Our next destination was the Shalimar Bagh.  The most pleasant sight in this garden was the beautiful Kashmiri school kids which came on an outing with their teachers to the garden. There was a huge fallen Chinar tree around which the school kids were playing games. The cascade of the Chinar trees were planted across the entire length of the garden, one of which was marked 400 years Under one of these gushy shady Chinars we relaxed on a rug which we were carrying, very handy to sit wherever one feels like.

The adventure shall continue in the next post …
Till then admire this cute Kashmiri girl who specially posed for the camera.


The Pink City – Jaipur – Amer Fort

After having had a wonderful time in the elefantstic we bid our farewell to the entire team working there and made our way to Amer fort on elephants. It was a royal ride of about half an hour to the top of the hill where the fort is located. We enjoyed a magnificent view of the surroundings without wearing out our shoes. With its large ramparts, series of gates and cobbled paths the fort is located high on the hill overlooking a lake. We could see so many local as well as foreign tourists there. The place was buzzing with excitement. Till now I have seen many forts in India, all of them have some unique factor of its own. Amer fort is made up of red sandstone and marble. There is a four level layout plan in this huge palace and each level has its own entry gate and courtyard. One enters the palace through the sun gate and here in the first courtyard armies used to hold their victory parades while returning from the battle field and the females of the royal family used to witness it through their windows. The second courtyard had Diwane-e-Aam or “The hall of public audience” where the king used to listen to the grievances of the general public. There was also a place called Diwane-e-khass or “hall of the private audience”. The private quarters of the Maharaja were in the third courtyard where he lived with his attendants and his family. One could see two beautiful buildings here across the courtyard. One is the mirror palace and the other one is the hall of pleasure. With glass inlaid panels and multi- mirrored ceilings and mirror mosaics the palace looked beautiful. Something very interesting is what we noticed around the mirror palace. At the base of one of the pillars there is a magic flower which has seven unique designs of fish tail, a lotus, a hooded cobra, an elephant trunk, a lion’s tail and a scorpion. Though over the period of time it has worn down but one can still feel the magic. The hall of pleasure or ‘sukh mahal’, is a masterpiece in itself as a cool climate is artificially created there by winds that blow over the water cascade within the palace. The innermost courtyard and the palace used to be for the royal ladies with many living rooms. Some part of it was roped off and we couldn’t see the inside, only had a glance from the outside.

All in all it was a good experience the only disappointing part was that the hawkers there were trying to sell all kinds of things to the tourists. Even if you were not interested they would just encircle you and insist about having their stuff.

We could not see the light and sound program as we were in a hurry to get back to the hotel after a hectic day. Our guide told us many interesting stories related to the fort. One of them being the king’s visit to one of his queens who were living in the same quarters but different chambers. He said that no one could make out as to which queen the king made the visit to, now as all the doors were connected to the common corridor and courtyard I just wondered how it could remain a secret??

Ahmedabad Beckons!- Continue Day 3

Day 3

‘THE MOUND OF THE DEAD’ this was the meaning of the place ‘Lothal’ we were to visit in Gujarati (a regional language). It is an epitome of well-known Indus valley civilization. It is 85 km away from the Ahmedabad city. Not long back its remains have been excavated as the whole town was destroyed by the natural catastrophes. I was amazed to see the old ruins and when our guide told us about how well planned the lay out of the city was and about their work culture; believe me I had all the regards for them and their knowledge. The town was planned with houses in a row and proper drainage system. Householders possessed a collection chamber to deposit solid waste in order to prevent the clogging of city drains. They had a dockyard and a warehouse and were busy traders. During its hay days Lothal was a major trade centre, importing en mass raw material like copper, semi -precious stones etc. and distributing to inner villages and towns. Lothal exported its beads, gemstones, ivory and shells. There are still the remains of the factory where the ornaments from gems, beads, ivory and precious stones were made. Before visiting the actual site one must visit the museum first to get the full feel of the place. A man out there was selling ornaments and key rings made of stones. All of us purchased something or the other just as souvenirs. Walking through the once busy lanes but now ruined I could almost visualize the kind of life people must be living here. I and my friends were glad that we came here.

On way back to Ahmedabad we got to see Adalaj Vav. It’s a five storied step well located in a small sleepy village named Adalaj, about 18 km from Ahmedabad. It was built in 1499 by queen Rudabai and is counted amongst the finest architectural structures of Gujarat. Our guide had an interesting story to tell us regarding the step well. He told us how a Muslim ruler of a neighboring state killed the king and was so besotted by the beauty of the queen Rudabai that proposed her to become his queen. The queen agreed with one condition that he should complete a five story step well for her. In record time this step well was made, but so pure was the queen Rudabai’s love for the slain king Rana Veer Singh that instead of marrying the Muslim ruler she said her final prayers and jumped into the well and died.

The Vav is a classic example of Indo Islamic style of architecture. The designs on its walls and pillars include leaves, flowers, birds, fish and other breath taking ornamental designs. Sunlight cannot directly reach the well, but opening in the ceiling enable light and air to enter inside. This keeps the water inside the well cool even in summer. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the place. Though my friends wanted to spend more time there but as we were to get back to the hotel we reluctantly made our way back.

After having a good wash and wonderful dinner we all made to our rooms to have a much deserved nap. I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful places till the sleep engulfed me.