Ego! Keep It In Your Pocket Please!

I kept looking at the telephone, waiting for it to ring, but it did not. I could have easily dialed the number from where I was expecting the call but the thought why should I do that first would just not let me budge from my chair.



I am not the only one, but most of us exhibit this kind of behavior many times in our lives. Basically the reason behind such behavior is not that we have extreme patience, it’s just that our ego is sometimes too inflated. There is this urge to be recognized as a person who is considered as someone special and of importance, who comes with the skills others lack. And believe me it is self-destroying!

This three letter word holds you back from saying the words which you are dying to say. It would not let you do things which a level headed person would just normally do. Maybe the person on the other side is also going through the same dilemma. Waiting for my call and making small round imprints on the luxury bathroom rug with his toe! Someone has to take that first step and bridge the gap. Someone needs to build the bridge. So why not I? I can’t be that bad of an architect anyhow!

I picked up the receiver and dialed the number…

Heartbreak: Speed Breaker In Life!

“Actually, I got dumped”

When my young assistant told me this for a while I did not understand as to how I should react to it. But then soon I gathered my wits and consoled her with the obvious words “well! Never mind! You will find someone better”!

I told her that I will treat her to a delicious dinner tonight and maybe we can watch a movie before that. She was pleased to hear this but I knew deep in her heart she must be pained for she genuinely liked that guy. Heartbreak is an odd kind of pain. You are not sick, neither are you dying but it still hurts so much. The worst part is that the person who appeared to be most caring at one point of time in your life turns out to be the cold hearted person you never thought he would become.

when you get hurt

when you get hurt

I feel one should come out strong after such episodes in one’s life. There is no point in nursing an anger or hurt for I strongly believe in the fact that whatever happens in this life, it happens for some good. If you just forgive and forget then it will be much easier to move forward.

After having had a nice evening, I came to drop my assistant home and while she was making coffee, I placed a small gift for her on her coffee table. It was a book called ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’.

With a cheery goodnight wave I left her place and sent a small prayer to God to make her feel better soon. Cheers!

My Korean Friend: Lee Shun Si

I have had the opportunity to travel very far and wide. While one of the travels, an old Korean woman happen to sit next to me in a flight. She was taking a solo flight back home after visiting her daughter in the USA. Though she was bit reluctant to start a chat with me, maybe because she was not very comfortable in English, she finally opened up and started telling me about her family. It’s a strange human phycology, that we don’t mind sharing our happy and sad moments with total strangers. She had a lot to tell and I was enjoying every bit of whatever she was telling me in her fragmented language. Her name was Lee Shun Si. What I could make out about her life was that after getting the higher education from the US, her daughter decided to stay and pursue her career there. She, having lost her husband long back was living in Seoul along with her son and his family. She was happy and contented with life and her only desire left was to see her daughter get married to some decent chap. I somehow feel that the family bonds in the Asian culture are very strong. The flight was long; I also shared some moments of my life’s journey with her. I told her that I would break journey in Seoul for two days before I catch my flight for my final destination. She was pleased to hear that and gave me her address and asked me to visit her place while parting ways on the airport.

korean food

korean food

Next day after having had a good sleep in a hotel, i went out to explore the city. Seoul is a beautiful and finding her place was not a difficult job. She was pleased to have me at her place. I liked the culture of opening footwear outside and then she introduced me to her son and his wife who looked beautiful donning an cotton kitchen apron and busy preparing delicious dishes. After our introductions were over, we sat around a low table to have a meal. Sitting cross-legged and having a meal with rice as a main dish was yet another new and pleasant experience for me. Their life style was simple and yet impressive. I was really fascinated with this whole set up and made a mental note of having that kind of low dining table for meals in my place back home as well.

I had wonderful few hours of my life with them and was happy to make new friends. When I wished them good bye they were all smiles and with a promise to be in touch with them, I bade them goodbye!