The Pink City – Jaipur – Elefantastic

“Have you ever been in close proximity with elephants?” Was what our guide asked us when we met him after having  the breakfast. Well with close proximity if you mean riding them then of course we have done that,” that’s not what I am asking said our guide”. ”We shall be going to a place called Elefantastic where we will be staying with the elephants for full day and also shall spend the night there”. Now that was really cool! And we were also to visit a fort called Amer fort which was near to the place of elephants. We had a small back pack for the night and in a very excited mode left the hotel.

As we were about to enter the elephant village, to our surprise we saw two elephants greeting us and then they started walking along our car. The staff gave us a warm welcome and the manager of the place Rahul made us feel very comfortable. After the greetings and tea we were taken to get acquainted with the area and the giants who lived there. IT WAS FUN. The trainers with the elephants were very gentle with them and made us also feel like a part of the team; well that was the role we have to perform now. First of all they asked us to bond and familiarize with the elephants. When meeting the animal for the first time they need to catch your smell. Then we were told to stroke them and try to communicate with them looking into their eyes. We got busy feeding them after the introduction and there was so much to learn about their feeding habits. We had a wonderful session of painting the elephants as well. The skin of the elephants is so thick but painting them is a traditional art and I must say quite an interesting one.

We had lunch in the village house itself with so many local delicacies. The family that provided us with the lunch was quite affectionate and all of us enjoyed their company. The house was simple with simple wooden furniture, but despite them being simple people they had rich hearts. After having had our lunch it was time to take the royal elephants for bath. We were told that in the morning the elephants take shower in the farm itself but in the afternoon they go to the lake. It was fun riding bare back on the elephant and then getting into the lake and getting all wet. We scrubbed the elephants and also had a swimming session there. After the thorough washing in the evening we took a pleasant ride on the most amazing elephant through the amazing jungle. That was an experience in itself. The funniest part was that we were asked to bake breads for the elephant. Cooking bread the Indian way was just a wonderful experience. I wonder if the elephant liked what I made for them….but one thing I am sure of is that they understand the language of love.

And just to watch the elephant go to sleep is a unique and peaceful experience. Around 12 they go to sleep and after they were asleep we came back to our camp to rest for the night. We were told that next morning we were to get up at 5 o clock to go back and wake the elephants.

It was such a different day for us. I enjoyed it. To be with the nature and elephants…it was a perfect combination. Tomorrow we shall be going to the Amer fort again on elephant back so I am looking forward to that.

See you guys in the fort now…..


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