The Pink City – Jaipur

Our journey from Udaipur to Jaipur was by train. Well it was not one of my best journeys I would say but definitely a memorable one. We were travelling in the AC coach, there were many local people, and most of them were on vacation. One little girl came and stood next to where I was sitting, She was kind of staring at me, maybe because of my skin, when I smiled at her and said hello she started prattling something in her native language of which I could not make anything. Her father then gently took her by hand and asked her to settle down in her seat. Then he told me that he was an engineer and was working in south India. Along with his family and friends they had come on small vacation.  One thing I have noticed about India is that it is such a vast country that from north to south and east to west it goes through sea change in topography, food, culture, language so many things but still they are one. At one station a man climbed in our coach and he had a musical instrument with him. He started playing it and sang so many songs in high melodious voice. There was no need of any mike to him. Once the songs were over he went to every passenger for his reward. Some were pleased enough to give him some coins, others didn’t even bothered to look at him. On behalf of our group I gave him 10Rs coin, he was excited to have it and when he said ‘Thank You’ in English I was quite surprised as that was the last thing I expected of him!

In Jaipur we had our booking done in hotel Trident. From the railway station we took a taxi for the hotel and like our hotel in Udaipur this hotel was also built alongside a Lake, this one was called Mansagar Lake. I must say that the hotel was ideally located. One can enjoy the scenic beauty and can enjoy the sunset and sunrise against the backdrop of the Aravallis hills. The moment we entered the hotel we were kind of pampered by the staff. While the check in formalities was going on we were offered cool drinks which was great respite from the heat outside. Our room had a lakeside view, and the view was very refreshing. After having a good wash we went to the main restaurant. The food was delicious. I must say that Indian cuisine can be very addictive, at least I got addicted to it. With excellent service and facilities we were bound to have good time in the hotel….that I was sure of.

In the evening we went to see the Jal Mahal as it was the nearest place to the hotel we were residing. Infect we could see it from the windows of our rooms. Major portion of the palace is immersed in the water and only the top floor is visible above the water that is why it is called by this name. ‘Jal’ meaning water here. There were traditional wooden crafted boats to ferry the tourists to the palace. The palace is built in red sandstone and on the terrace of the palace is a garden. The view from there is picturesque. There are towers on each corner of the palace. Earlier some restoration work was going on so the place was not open to tourists but now we could see fairly good crowd enjoying. So many different kinds of birds who are breeding and residing in the lake area could be seen as well. It was time to get back. While coming back I took the oars from the boatman for a while just to see how it feels to splash the oars in the clear water of the lake. It was fun but I couldn’t do it for much time. We were yet to chalk out our program for the next day, so let’s see which part of Jaipur finds us tomorrow!


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