City of Lakes – Udaipur -Day5

We got back quite late last night after our trip to Mount Abu so we didn’t leave our beds till 10 in the morning. As we had no plans of going out of the city today we were doing things at a leisurely pace. After getting ready we had brunch and went out with a mission to stroll in the market and any place that could interest us. Today being our last day in the city I just wanted to drink in the majestic beauty of the place.

There is one thing I would like to comment. Some things go in contrast here. If there are beautiful palaces there is lot of garbage in the streets as well. If there is exotic mouthwatering food in the eating joints there are beggars in the streets as well. You cannot ignore women washing clothes in the extended corners of the lake. I think I have come to terms with this country. Taking the good with the bad…that makes sense. Despite all the negativities the place has so much to offer.

We spent quite a lot of time roaming in the market. Though the staff at the hotel suggested us to go for shopping in the evening as at the advent of dusk the streets of Udaipur become vibrant with local and tourists and the place has more zing but we decided to get it done with in the afternoon itself as we had plans for visiting Fateh Sagar Lake in the evening. There were all kinds of shops ranging from small shops to big showrooms to roadside stalls with extensive variety on display. Tourists generally end up buying from the assortment of items such as handicrafts, pottery, jewelry, wooden toys, puppets, antique items and paintings. I personally could not resist those colourful skirts and purchased two for myself. For my mother I purchased the ethnic jewelry pieces. Phew! The visit to this part of the world has made life so colourful.

By the time it was sunset we were at Fateh Sagar Lake. We had a leisurely walk around the lake and then we went into the garden amidst the lake. From there it was a great experience to watch the sun set over the water. There were scores of birds making their way back to the nests…some flapping their wings in the water, making loud chirping sounds as if nothing could be of more importance than the endless discussions they were having. We were told that during winters many migratory birds also grace this place with their visit.

Udaipur is also known as the ‘white city’ because of the five huge interconnected lakes, many white marbled palaces, marbled temples…all these things adds to the romance of the place. I think I understand now why people make beeline to this place for getting married. There is a romance in the air!

I would definitely love to visit this place again sometime in future. Had great fun here! Alright guys, from here we leave for Jaipur tomorrow to enjoy some more of Rajasthan’s flavour!!


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