City of Lakes – Udaipur -Day3

We had an early start next day as we were to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort which is located approximately 64 kms north of Udaipur. After having a good breakfast (we also carried some packed food) all geared up with our back pack we made our way to the parking lot where our tourist bus was parked. There were many early starters like us. Our guide quite a friendly chap told us that Kumbhalgarh is the second most important citadel after Chittorgarh in the Mewar region. The place also has a sentimental significance as it is the birthplace of Mewar’s legendry King Maharana Pratap .

My..My located in the wilderness it was a massive fort. The hostile topography made it look inaccessible, no wonders why the fort remained unconquered. Built on a hill top the fort’s thick walls stretches around 36 km and we were told is wide enough to take eight horses abreast. The walk while climbing the fort is full of breathtaking views. The fort’s large compound has very interesting ruins and walking around it was quite rewarding.  There were around 320 temples inside the boundary of the fort. Going around the fort and its insides leaves one astounded. The selection of the location, the planning of the battlements, the provisions for the cannons, guns and the safety of the soldiers, the strong doors provided at each tier of fort walls leading to the residence of the king is meticulously planned.  The fort also offers superb birds view of the surroundings. Some light and sound program also takes place in the evening but as we were to get back by the evening we couldn’t stay for that. Just to think that long back people lived in these forts is an exciting thought in itself.

After nearly walking around for two hours we all found a serene spot where we sat and had our packed food and drinks. When the eating session was over I just sat and relaxed under a tree and was kind of visualizing the kind of life people had in that era. Mother earth has seen so many changes over the centuries!

Journey back was very comfortable and our guide was discussing about Mount Abu with my mates our next destination. Since the place was around three to four hours away from Udaipur, we were advised to have an early night, which we did and got up as fresh as new to visit Mount Abu.


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