Ahmedabad Beckons!- Continue

Day 2

After having sandwiches and coffee we were all set for our next destination. Our guide told us that who so ever visits Ahmedabad must visit the Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram.  Gandhiji spent almost 12 years of his life here. This Ashram is located on the banks of river Sabarmati and at present the Ashram has a museum and Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalya where one can track Gandhiji’s life and historic events that took place in his life through paintings, photos, quotations, letters, manuscripts of Gandhiji’s articles in various magazines and newspapers etc. And when I saw the old charkha with which Gandhiji used to weave I was too fascinated. Even after so many years one could feel the simplicity with which he lived here. We had some good photo session and the river in the backdrop looked just great.

As Hathee Singh Jain temple is not far away from the Gandhi Ashram we clubbed it together in our visit. Oh! I was surprised to see the architecture of the temple. The place is so old that you could feel the peace and serenity inside. Hatheesingh Temple was built in 1850 AD by Seth Hatheesingh who was a rich jain merchant. Built in white marble it is much famous for its intricate carvings and profuse architectural design.

We decided to have our lunch, though it was more of a tea time but all of us were hungry and the appetizing aromas from the eating joints was too much for us. I settled for vegetarian food and was pleased with the culinary tricks the Indian cooks had up their sleeves. It was a fun filled meal hour with discussions overflowing and our guide also kept on filling us with information which we had otherwise overlooked.

In the evening we decided to go to Kankaria Lake. There was some cultural program going on and the whole place was lit with fancy lights. We had to park our tourist coach at quite a distance as the entire surrounding area of Kankaria is made vehicle free. That is a good way to manage the crowd and also to keep the sanctity of the lake. Throngs and throngs of people could be seen everywhere. The walls adjoining the entrance of the lake were painted beautifully by local painters and artists depicting the culture and heritage of Gujarat. The lake was big and one could spend entire day out there. Train ride for children is a big attraction for the families and then there were so many eating joints. My friends specially enjoyed the view of the lake and as light and sound program was going on, the view looked even more dramatic. All of us were holding hands lest we get separated in the heavy rush. We sat by the lake and had fun looking at the happy faces and listening to the nice music that was flowing throughout the lake premises. I would say a good place to unwind.

It was time to get back to the hotel; after all we had to recoup our energies for the next day travels.


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