Birthday Party at Daisy’s Home

My Goa trip is over now and it was a lifetime experience for me. One person who made it memorable for us was Daisy. After having an exciting trip to Goa, I called up Daisy to show gratitude towards her for guiding us to visit such a nice place. I thanked her over the phone and then she told me about the birthday party she was throwing on the 27th of that month for her little baby girl Kelly.

Birth day of little Kelly arrived and we went to Daisy’s place. She threw a lavish party at her home. Her home was quite big and beautiful. One could almost see the insides of the drawing room as the outer wall of the room was of glass. The decor theme was kept blue and white; we noticed that beautiful blue and white polka dots cotton curtains were draped on the main entrance door. Small carved Dakota side tables were placed in corners which were decorated with small floral centrepieces. So many guests were there in the party. One could see her neighbours, friends as well as little cute kids-must be Kelly’s friends. It was a great surprise to me as well my friends, when I saw the whole arrangement of the party at her home. Little Kelly was beautifully dressed in floral pattern white dress.  She was looking like a little princess. When she came out with Daisy I could not help myself from cuddling her as she was looking too adorable.

Everything  was well organized. Be it balloons, cake, gifts, candles or music. So the party turned out to be a huge success.

The cake was splendid. Daisy had arranged a Barbie shaped strawberry cake for her little princess. It was as per Kelly’s choice as she loves strawberry very much (even I relish it very much…). When Kelly cut the cake the music in the background started playing. Kelly gave the first piece of cake to Daisy and then to her friends. After that she got busy with her friends. How happy she looked!

It was really an unforgettable moment as it made me remember my birthday celebration parties, which I had when I was a kid and stayed with my parents. After that we all took the food and met with Daisy’s friends.  Now the party was over; we stayed over there for few minutes and bade daisy goodbye with a smile on our lips and with a promise to meet again sometime soon!!


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