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Birthday Party at Daisy’s Home

My Goa trip is over now and it was a lifetime experience for me. One person who made it memorable for us was Daisy. After having an exciting trip to Goa, I called up Daisy to show gratitude towards her for guiding us to visit such a nice place. I thanked her over the phone and then she told me about the birthday party she was throwing on the 27th of that month for her little baby girl Kelly.

Birth day of little Kelly arrived and we went to Daisy’s place. She threw a lavish party at her home. Her home was quite big and beautiful. One could almost see the insides of the drawing room as the outer wall of the room was of glass. The decor theme was kept blue and white; we noticed that beautiful blue and white polka dots cotton curtains were draped on the main entrance door. Small carved Dakota side tables were placed in corners which were decorated with small floral centrepieces. So many guests were there in the party. One could see her neighbours, friends as well as little cute kids-must be Kelly’s friends. It was a great surprise to me as well my friends, when I saw the whole arrangement of the party at her home. Little Kelly was beautifully dressed in floral pattern white dress.  She was looking like a little princess. When she came out with Daisy I could not help myself from cuddling her as she was looking too adorable.

Everything  was well organized. Be it balloons, cake, gifts, candles or music. So the party turned out to be a huge success.

The cake was splendid. Daisy had arranged a Barbie shaped strawberry cake for her little princess. It was as per Kelly’s choice as she loves strawberry very much (even I relish it very much…). When Kelly cut the cake the music in the background started playing. Kelly gave the first piece of cake to Daisy and then to her friends. After that she got busy with her friends. How happy she looked!

It was really an unforgettable moment as it made me remember my birthday celebration parties, which I had when I was a kid and stayed with my parents. After that we all took the food and met with Daisy’s friends.  Now the party was over; we stayed over there for few minutes and bade daisy goodbye with a smile on our lips and with a promise to meet again sometime soon!!

Final Day of My Trip to Goa

In Continuation of the journey day before; we were quite tired after having great fun time at Baga, Candolim and Calangute beaches and then we decided to get back to the hotel in order to take little rest for a while. The place where we were staying was just 10 minutes away from Calangute beach. After having a good rest for few hours we were once again ready to carry on with our exploits. It was nearly sunset time. Nature was at its peak! We have heard a lot about the night life in Goa, so we decided to enjoy the nightlife of Goa. We asked the hotel staff and they recommended some clubs in the area. We decided to go to Tito’s club which was nearest and seemed better option than others.

Titos GoaWe asked few taxi drivers and easily found the place as it was a popular destination. It was one of the most happening places in Goa. The first scene we saw in the club; a lot of roar, clapping, dance, songs and fun all around. Everyone was busy dancing to the tune and some were struggling to match their feet to the rhythm; quite a sight, people were having thorough fun and were completely unaware of their surroundings.  Our group also became the part of crowd. There was variety of music playing out there, we stayed over there till 2 am, it was really an amazing experience as none of us had ever joined such a cross cultural gathering. Our decision to spend the night at Tito was as per the reviews of local people and seriously; we weren’t disappointed!

After having an awesome nightlife enjoyment at Tito we returned to our room and slept.

Last Day: No journey is complete until you take home some souvenirs to make your trip memorable and also it was our last day in Goa. There was a vast vibrant market having lots of stalls that offer everything from hand crafted designer clothes, jewellery, musical instrument, local spices or herbs etc. One thing that attracted me much in Goa was the handcrafted modern designer furniture, carved furniture. I have got few sea shell handicraft items which I have taken as souvenir. The Indian handmade wooden furniture was very gorgeous. There were also some restaurants in the market area offering traditional Goan cuisine, there were loads of sea food varieties. We have decided to give a new experience to our taste buds so we have ordered a traditional Goan fish curry with rice, which is actually one of the most popular delicacy of the area. Food was really good as like that of place. It was a great afternoon altogether.Wooden Side cabinet

Panaji Goa State Museum: After shopping, we visited Panaji Goa State Museum. This art gallery section includes Hindu and Jain sculptures, wooden handmade objects, bronze artwork from all over India, manuscripts and much more, if you like history, you will appreciate this art gallery.Goan Fish Curry

I cannot describe all the things with few words but it was truly a remarkable experience. Hope you get a chance to visit Goa. I’ll be checking out for my next travel  destination in India.

My Goa Trip Memories Continued……

And here starts my story of the first day after my arrival to Goa via Bombay. After the guide reached our lodgings in the morning, we all decided to explore the beaches of Goa first. Last night we had done some research work on internet about the beaches of Goa, the best we liked was Baga beach. We asked the guide if it would be fine with him if we start with Baga beach. The other well-known beaches like Candolim and Calangute we’re not much far from the location of our abode and hence were not in our priority list.

Day 1 at Baga Beach: The Baga beach was exactly how I had imagined it to be. My goodness! Beautiful shores! There were so many people around. So many people were lazing on the sunbeds taking sunbath. Some were running and playing in the water; some were drinking and dancing on the music and lot more activities were going on. Even little Kids had no fear of the sea. I too was getting excited after seeing all this but was little scared of going into the sea. Huge waves were coming towards the beach. Water was creating large gushing sound. My friends were very thrilled and were running into the deep water.  Scared as I was, I decided to stay away from the sea.  And sitting there on the shore I was screaming on top of my voice, “Don’t go too far, you might drown, and no one will notice you in such a big crowd” But all in vain, no one paid any heed to me and I was alone with my fears!!

After a while, I did unwind and with little courage I could muster, I slipped out of my loafers and waded into the water. Awesome! That was my first reaction. It was so relaxing. The water felt great. This was just a beginning; we spent almost three hours there. After that we went to Candolim and Calangute beach. The view was identical, so we didn’t stay there for long.

We were not in a mood to come back from there but then we were to go to other places and discover the beauty of Goa, so we reluctantly decided to get back. We had great fun! Before coming to Goa, I took a digital camera and it was very handy as I clicked lots of photographs as the memories of this trip. Some of the beautiful photographs I am publishing in this blog as well.

I have just started telling my story and I realise that this post has become too long. More interesting stuff later…

Uplift your Mood with Beach Holidays in Goa

My journey is going very well and I am thrilled to share the awesome experience of my journey through this blog. I am now with my friends Rebecca, Roger, Jimmy and Tim. We all are enjoying our trip to India. We were a little skeptical about our travel to India as the reviews we got from people around were both positive and negative. But finally I decided to go because I wanted to experience the diversities over there. We have read about India through internet, news and heard a little bit about it from the old people of the UK who once stayed there and told us the stories about India.

I have been traveling to India since last five years as there are so many things yet to be discovered. I have made so many friends during my several trips to India. This time I got a chance to meet a fellow citizen named Daisy, she is paying regular visits to India because of work. It feels very nice to meet fellow citizens across the world. She advised us about how to make the trip exciting and unforgettable, also she told us about the places she has visited in India. In the list the first place was Goa. She just described about it and we were so much excited to reach there as I have already travelled many places in northern India but this will be the first chance to visit western coasts of India. We requested Daisy to come with us, but due to her busy schedule she had not much time to accompany us.

Travel: We were in Mumbai and Goa is quite close to that; we decided to take a train as I have heard that this route is great for enchanting experience. This was really true it was one of the best train journeys in India full of natural beauty. The moment we set our foot in Goa all of us were amazed with its natural beauty and wide coast line. This view was beyond our imagination. It was sunset time and the beauty of the beaches of Goa was on its peak. Despite the tiredness we had after the journey the beautiful scenery was enough for us to carry on with our little adventures. So, we decided to visit the nearest beach in order to have some fun and also to have some food. We met some local chaps who proved very helpful in planning our trip strategy for the coming days.

First of all we decided to visit the historical Churches there, followed by the museums. We were keen to know about the history of that place, something not possible without a guide, so hiring an Indian guide was the most suitable option. We hired a guide and with him scheduled the plan for the next day as we were really tired and it was growing dark as well. We just called it a day.

To be continued…..

Trip of Madness- Summer of 2012

To save ourselves from the scorching heat of the North, me and my friends planned a trip to Manali which they say is “heaven on earth”. I had heard about that place from my friends and was quiet frenzied about the whole plan as I have never been to any place beyond my own state.

Everything was planned up and finally the day came when we were to leave. I rushed to the bus stand and saw my friends standing there, waiting for me. We reached the ticket counter and there was a throng of people fighting to get the tickets, somehow we got the tickets and sat at our respective seats, chit chat for a while and we all slept. I was awake by the cold breeze blowing outside and was amazed to find myself surrounded by the mountains. The roar of the river flowing in the valley was an icing on the cake. Perfect!

Day 1: Finally we reached Manali, I was completely mesmerized by the epic beauty of the nature. It was raining and was damn cold, and we were forced to take out our jackets. We looked for a room but didn’t find one as all the hotels were jam packed. Finally we got a room in a cottage and we got fresh and went out to have food. While having food, we couldn’t take our eyes off the majestic view of the glaciers which were thoroughly covered with snow. It was a grand view – a treat to the eyes! We took some pictures of it and got to know from the staff that there is some party down the valley and we were excited to go there. We saw people going to the party and we followed them. I was busy clicking pictures of the river flowing on my left and my friends too were enjoying the beauty of the nature. We reached the party place, and saw there were so many people from Israel, we joined them and it was a great fun.

Day 2: It was Sunday Morning and this wasn’t the same old morning when my mom use to yell and I was forced to get up. This morning was somewhat different. From the cozy cocoon of sleep when I opened my eyes and looked outside the window i saw the clouds too near to touch and the beauty was as its best. Suddenly I heard a voice “dude get up we are getting late its already 11” this Sunday it was my friend’s yell I responded to and I got up hurriedly and got ready. We carried a guitar along with us and sat by the river side and played the guitar and sang songs. It was all fun. The day passed like this and the next day we were to leave back for home. I was feeling bad but there was no other option, we packed our bags and went off to sleep.

Day 3: The day for us to leave for home came and we boarded the bus. On our way back we were all were recollecting the memories by checking out our pictures and all of us decided to visit Manali again the next summer.

Memories from my Last Summer Trip

Travelling is my passion, something I have been indulging in since very young age.  This year I got the chance to travel into the remote hilly area of Himachal Pradesh in India. While passing through a small township I took a halt to enjoy a hot cup of tea. Believe me a well-made cup of tea is nothing less than a luxury in small remote areas. While the old man at the little wooden shop with a thatched roof was busy making the tea I just strolled down to the group of young lads sitting there. To me they were another group of semi-urban young boys who make beeline to the nearby bigger cities for livelihood. They were just having fun with each other but when I heard them using technical terms all my antennas were at alert. One of the boys was talking about the Music pillows! I who credit me of being worldly wise and abreast with knowledge too was taken back. That boy was telling his mates that he is working for some company in the city and there while surfing the net he happened to see and read about the Music Pillows, a concept that made everyone gape including me. Though it is against my grain but I couldn’t keep myself from enquiring what he was talking about. He then told me about this company Homescapes who have come up with an amazing music pillow that lulls you to sleep in the same way our mothers and grandmothers used to do long time back. The music pillows they offer are graded for their firmness and are completely washable. The high grade speakers provide high quality sound from the chosen music source and are removable. The microfiber filling is anti-dust mite and what I liked the most was that sound level could be easily adjusted. Now I definitely have another reason to travel. I will not be lonely anymore. The Homescapes music pillow will be my partner!